Email Marketing

Have something to sell, a cause to promote, a service to provide? You need email marketing to do things right. Work with Nividium and you will be able to create quality, eye-popping emails that work. Save time. Save money. Get your message out to the masses.

Your Nividium advisor will get to know your business like the back of their hand. He or she will help you build an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your unique business, and it isn't long before you start to think of them as just another member of your team.

After you send an email or post a message to social media, your advisor analyzes your message's performance. He or she will dig deep into the data and report back to you on your success. Together, you review your results and strategize about ways to create even stronger messages next time.

Why Choose Us

We can help you with a multitude of your email marketing needs:
  • Reengagement campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • Message layout optimization
  • Split A/B testing
  • We create custom logo designs in the industry formats your print shop can use.
  • We offer the best Flash animation and have the techniques to skillfully incorporate Flash objects into your website without damaging your search engine results.

Your new website will be beautiful and the underlying code will be clean and ready for advanced search engine optimization. Contact us for information about adding affordable, small business SEO services to your website package.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please reach out to our email campaign team by filling out our project questionnaire.